Dear {Ship From Name:value},

GPS is a DHL authorized reseller based in the US.  {Entered By Name:value} is asking us to arrange a pick up from you to {Ship To Company:value} through the DHL.

We will process the shipment through DHL Import Express Online (IEO) system. You will receive another email soon from the DHL IEO system with an invitation to login and generate the shipment. If you have any questions about using the DHL IEO system please refer to the link below.

DHL IEO User Guide for Shippers

Entered By:
Company: {Ship To Company:value}

Name: {Ship To Name:value}
Email: {Ship To Email:value}
Bill To: {GPS Account:value}

Ship from:

{Ship From Name:value}
{Ship From Company:value}
{Ship From Address1:value}
{Ship From Address2:value}
{Ship From City:value}
{Ship From State:value}
{Ship From Zip Code:value}
{Ship From Country:value}
{Ship From Email:value}
{Ship From Telephone:value}
{Ship From Carrier:value}

Ship to:

{Ship To Name:value}
{Ship To Company:value}
{Ship To Address1:value}
{Ship To Address2:value}
{Ship To City:value}
{Ship To State:value}
{Ship To Zip Code:value}
{Ship To Country:value}
{Ship To Email:value}
{Ship To Telephone:value}


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