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EEI Alert For Shipments To China, Russia, Or Venezuela

Effective from July, 1, 2020, dutiable packages to China, Russia, or Venezuela are required to file EEI ( Electronic Export Information ) with US DOC ( Department Of Commerce ). Prior to now, only shipments with $2,500 + declared value required EEI filing, now it is required for all packages to these countries.  

 If you already have a MyDHL+, and are planning a shipment to these countries, you may go to MyDHL+, prepare the shipment and file EEI ( For free at MyDHL+ ) online:

  1. Log in your MyDHL+ and create your shipment. 

  2. At "Electronic Export Filing" section, select "No" to "File As FTR30.37(a) Exemption", Then Select "EEI - I want DHL to be my filing agent".

  3. You will prompted to enter your Federal Tax ID (or, Emplyer ID), and Schedul B Number ( the same as HS Codes, you may CLICK HERE to search online.

  4. ECCN ( Export Control Classification Number ) is required, you may use "EAR99" if your items are low-tech and do not require an Export License.

If you do not have a LogIn at MyDHL+, contact GPS ASAP:

  1. We can prepare the shipping document and EEI for you.  There is a $5 service charge.

  2. Or, configure a MyDHL+ for you, if you have a qualified account.



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