GPS, Your Preferred DHL Authorized Reseller

GPS has been in business since 1999, it started out as a specialized courier servicing China and USA with a focus on traffic between Southern California and Shanghai. GPS launched its relationship with DHL as a consolidator in 2005.  The relation culminates into a full partner, in 2013, GPS became a DHL Authorized Reseller with DHL.  The reseller relationship enables GPS to:

  • Open DHL accounts for new customers in 50 US states.
  • Customers with inactive DHL accounts may request to switch to GPS.
  • Each GPS client has its own DHL account number.
  • GPS clients' DHL account numbers are accepted by DHL offices worldwide.
  • GPS Website offers clients the capacity to access DHL services.
  • GPS clients may also access DHL website directly for services.
  • There is no account service charge, or pick up charge.
  • GPS bills customers at discounted rates weekly.

GPS is located at "15237 Proctor Ave., City Of Industry, CA 91745".  We are about 20 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, where you can view from the skyline photo.

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